Pharmapack offers an almost unlimited variety of packaging solutions for thermoforming and cold forming blister pack for pharmaceutical products and over-the-counter medicines for capsules and tablets. We can create blister packages with the highest protection barriers by employing a wide variety of material combinations for basically any format, amount of product, or configuration required, adapting to any product needs. Our team of experts can assist you by choosing an innovative blister pack solution that adapts to your needs.

Blister packs are ideal for packaging pharmaceutical products. Blisters protect each single dose individually, and offer a package that enhances the conservation of the medical properties according to the product features, the resistance required (senior friendly, child resistant), or even piracy protection (materials for security blister pack).

Our blister pack equipment makes use of cutting-edge technologies, endorsed by COFEPRIS, and comply or exceed the current Good Manufacture Practices having implemented electronic verification and discarding systems by image or micro-fracture inspection. Feeding can be manual or automatic, according to the client needs and product features. Our clean room offers controlled environmental conditions that ensure compliance with the current regulations for the manufacture, production, and packaging of finished pharmaceutical products. As an alternative to Blister Packs, we have the option of conditioning your products in Strip Pack, guaranteeing a maximum WVTR protection with a reduction of cost materials.


Pharmapack has 20 years of experience offering solution for your sachet-filling needs on solid pharmaceuticals (dusts and granules) and liquids/semisolids (creams and gels). Employing a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic filling systems, we can pack sachets from various materials. Sachets manufactured by come in different sizes, simple or duplex, with or without intermediate pre-cut, according to the product requirements. All powder, cream, or gel fillings are made in individual clean rooms, to ensure that your product is packed in a 100% controlled and monitored environemtn, with positive and/or negative pressure, as is the case, and relative humidity and temerature control.

In Pharmapack, we can pack and condition your pharmaceutical product, OTC, animal health product, nutraceutical or food product in a controlled and specialized manner at any of our plants dedicated to each type of product.


Pharmapack provides single-dose packing services for medicines in their different forms (capsules, soft gel capsules, liquid gels, etc.) in single-dose packages ready for intake. Our blister pack solutions may be customized to satisfy the needs of hospitals, Long-Term Care, extended care, and pharmacies.

Our experts will collaborate with you in every step of the way to fully understand your customized packing needs, marketing goals, production deadlines, and critical delivery terms, so as to provide the greater possible value and quality assurance. All of our packing services comply with the current regulations on Good Manufacturing Practices.

Pharmapack may also provide secondary conditioning and other secondary operations (label placement, grouping within thermal-shrinking materials, etc.) at convenient prices to deliver your final product ready for release.


In Pharmapack, we offer laboratories a service of pilot batch conditioning for stability testing, including any form of packing, whether thermoforming, coldforming, and chill resistant bilsters, sachets of various features, and strip packs. With facilities and production equipment endorsed by the regulatory authorities, we can guarantee compliance with the product conditioning specifications.